well i have a solution to my problem that makes no sense

if i declare


on my login.html page which precedes these two pages it works and is now

this page creates the session and all is well if i create session_start();
on the next page and leave it off my login.php page  i get multiple
sessions. I cannot find any reason behind this and no one seems to have any
idea what i am talking about

Thanks anyway

"Brendon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am using PHP 4.06, IE 6 and Win 2000.
> When i register a session like so:
> session_start();
> session_register("SESSION_UserID");
> and on the next page refer to the session:
> session_start();
> if(!session_is_registered("SESSION_UserID"))
> {
> header("Location: error.php?ec=1");
> exit;
> }
> ?>
> It registers a new session:
> I then have a session as so in the sessons directory:
> SESSION_UserID|s:1:"1";SESSION_UPERMS|s:1:"1";
> and a blank new one.
> any ideas?

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