PHP will do fine.  What's the project?  I'm a wannabe game developer, and I
had a bit of fun a few months back with randomly generated, but
reproducable, game worlds (in my case it was a star map for a space conquest
type of game).  It's a really neat concept, and its how alot of the 'big
world' games were done when games came on floppy disks.  

The code isn't very polished, but if you're interested in that sort of
thing, I can dig it up and fire it off to you.

        - Theo

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Right I'm still pretty new to server side programming and have a few
questions regarding the possible uses of existing technology in 'low-tech'
(not 3d FPS/RTS/RPGs) online games.  As I understand it PHP is used to add
dynamic content to HTML (from MySQL database for example) and it is also
possible to write applications in C/C++ that run on server computer (SUSE
7.2 + APACHE for example) that update databases at set time intervals.  I am
a games programmer and was wondering if it would be possible to code the
following system which would run on an SUSE Apache server box:

An database containing client and game data (use MySQL?),
An HTML/PHP based front end (is PHP best choice for this?),
A Some form of application that process the game or turn info (in the DB) at
set time intervals and updates the game database with it (use C/C++?).

I am competent in C/C++, ok at php and ok at MySQL but not sure how to fit
it all together like how do I go about creating an application that
process's the database?  Can any one suggest sites/books/people who I could
read/ask to find out more about this idea?  Also are the languages I
specified the best languages to use for this?  I am open to suggestions and
constructive criticism.



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