I RTFM but did not find a solution. My head hurts from banging it against =
the wall. :-P

Apache, OpenSSL, MySQL and PHP work fine... but the PDF libraries will not =
work. I used the following configure commands:

PHP:  './configure' '--with-mysql=3D/usr/local/mysql/' '--with-xml' =
'--with-apache=3D../apache_1.3.22/' '--with-curl=3D/usr/local/curl' =
'--enable-shared-pdflib' '--enable-track-vars'

PDFLib: Almost defaults... just turned off Python and C/C++.

I can provide a complete list of configure options and the order they were =
executed if you need them...

The error message when attempting to use the PDFLib functions is:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: pdf_new() in /usr/local/apache/htd=
ocs/program/dmipps/pdfdemo.php on line 2

Thanks for any help, it's really appreciated.


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