Thx Richard, I would like the files to all be dumped into one directory,
each with a unique name. Then I will create a path and store that in the db.
Thx for the ideas, I will check them out and get back to youvia this thread.

Cheers Joe:)

"Richard Lynch" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Joe Van Meer wrote:
> > Hi there, I have an upload form on my website that works great, however
> > have come to a the heck do I rename the copied file?
> > Everytime I upload an image it overwrites the old one with the new. The
> > code below uploads the file and displays the following:
> >
> > Your photo has been uploaded successfully.
> > Size of Image in Bytes: 36315
> > Image Type: image/pjpeg
> > File exists on server.
> > /rotatingimages/C:\PHP\uploadtemp\php12D.tmp   <-- I notice that this is
> > temporary name
> If two files were being uploaded at once, you'd get two different names...
> But it's entirely up to *YOU* to decide where to copy the file to.  Maybe
> you'd *WANT* to replace files as they were uploaded.
> I tend to use the user's filename and preg_replace() to get rid of
> everything except a-zA-Z._-  and then checking where I'm copying to tack
> 1, 2, 3, ... until I find a new filename that's not in use.
> You should also start using instead of
> copy or whatever you are doing.
> --
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