Thanks for the reply .. but you miss the point (which i probably did
not explain well).  I already have a script called x.php.  IT gets
called from links with all the info needed.

I have an instance where there will be no interaction between a user
so no 'clicking' of the link will happen.  I wanted to do the 'same'
as a click but without the click.

I have temporarily created a function to do what i need AND IF PHP is
incapable of calling/executing etc a script (which i find hard to
believe) i will rewrite all the other pages <sigh>

Thanks again

On Mon, 12 Nov 2001 12:11:19 -0000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Steve
Brett) wrote:

>you don't need a sepaerate script.
>define two functions and then loop through calling the second function.
>much neater (and easier)
>"David Tod Sigafoos" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>> I am sure that I am just .. missing this ..
>> From one script I wish to 'execute' another script.  How is this done?
>> Setting a link and clicking is not the answer .. one script loops
>> through all the 'selected' rows and I want to 'execute' another script
>> for each row .. can this be done?
>> thanks
>> DSig
>> David

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