David Tod Sigafoos wrote:

>>> From one script I wish to 'execute' another script.  How is this done?
>>> Setting a link and clicking is not the answer .. one script loops
>>> through all the 'selected' rows and I want to 'execute' another script
>>> for each row .. can this be done?

>From what you say here, you can simply do:
while ($row = selected_rows()){

x.php will get executed for each row.

> Thanks for the reply .. but you miss the point (which i probably did
> not explain well).  I already have a script called x.php.  IT gets
> called from links with all the info needed.
> I have an instance where there will be no interaction between a user
> so no 'clicking' of the link will happen.  I wanted to do the 'same'
> as a click but without the click.

Well, if it's *NOT* a click that makes it happen, what *DOES* make it 

Do you want it to happen every five minutes?
If so, re-compile PHP as a CGI, and use "man 5 crontab" to learn how to set 
up a cron job every five minutes.

> I have temporarily created a function to do what i need AND IF PHP is
> incapable of calling/executing etc a script (which i find hard to
> believe) i will rewrite all the other pages <sigh>

PHP *CAN* call or execute a script, if you can tell us how/when/why you 
want it done...

If it's not cron you are looking for, maybe this is what you want:


Or, perhaps this:


Or maybe even this one:


The problem isn't that PHP can't do what you want -- It's that you haven't 
really told us what you want to do...

When do you want x.php called, by whom, and why?

Odds are also pretty good that you are doing something the hard way instead 
of the easy way, so post more about your project, and you might find 
yourself getting advice that will save you much grief...

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