I always get strpos wrong.

So typically in this case I would do something like:

list($file,$ext) = explode('.',$yourimage);

if ($ext != 'jpg' or $ext != 'jpeg')

(More properly we should make sure jpg or jpeg are at the very end of the filename 
i.e. you probably
don't like myfile.jpegold.gif so you would need:

list($ext,$file) = explode('.',strrev($yourimage));
$ext = strrev($ext);
$file = strrev($file);

if ($ext != 'jpg .....etc.


If $yourimage really is a reference to an image e.g. an uploaded image, you might like 
to run
getimagesize() on it to see if it really, really is a
jpeg and not just called .jpg or .jpeg see 


Jtjohnston wrote:
> I suppose I'm doing this right? I want to know if the user entered
> "\.jpeg" or "\.jpg". If he didn't, it should error.
> It errors anyways? What do I have to do add slashes in my <input>???
> :o)
> // if((!strpos($yourimage, "\.jpg")) || (!strpos($yourimage,
> "\.jpeg")))      \\ <--- tried both!
>  if((!strpos($yourimage, ".jpg")) || (!strpos($yourimage, ".jpeg")))
> {
>   error_found("error found");
>   $errorfound++;
>  }

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