OK kids, I'm not 19 ... my old brain gets tired easily and my wife is
complaining that I stay up too late PHPing :)
Putting the rest aside, why does AND work and not OR. OR was what I
I meant ... if the string doesn't contain .jpg or the string doesn't
contain .jpeg ... > ERROR!


$errorfound = 0;
$yourimage =

// if((!strpos($yourimage, ".jpg")) or (!strpos($yourimage, ".jpeg")))
 if((!strpos($yourimage, ".jpg")) and (!strpos($yourimage, ".jpeg")))
  echo"Your image \"<font color=\"000000\">$yourimage</font>\"<br> did
not contain .jpg or .jpeg</b>";
  echo"Your image \"<font color=\"000000\">$yourimage</font>\" contains
.jpg or .jpeg</b>";


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