AND seems correct to me. If you want to generate an error when the file is
not a jpeg file then the file name must not contain jpg AND must not contain
jpeg.  If either jpg OR jpeg is present then no error should occur.  Be
careful when using the !not operator with logical condition operators, the
logic becomes more complex.


Jtjohnston <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> OK kids, I'm not 19 ... my old brain gets tired easily and my wife is
> complaining that I stay up too late PHPing :)
> Putting the rest aside, why does AND work and not OR. OR was what I
> meant?
> I meant ... if the string doesn't contain .jpg or the string doesn't
> contain .jpeg ... > ERROR!
> John
> <?php
> $errorfound = 0;
> $yourimage =
> // if((!strpos($yourimage, ".jpg")) or (!strpos($yourimage, ".jpeg")))
>  if((!strpos($yourimage, ".jpg")) and (!strpos($yourimage, ".jpeg")))
>  {
>   $errorfound++;
>   echo"Your image \"<font color=\"000000\">$yourimage</font>\"<br> did
> not contain .jpg or .jpeg</b>";
>  }else{
>   echo"Your image \"<font color=\"000000\">$yourimage</font>\" contains
> .jpg or .jpeg</b>";
>  }
> ?>

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