What I usually do is set a cookie BEFORE sending them to the paypal site then
on the confirm page (which they click through to after they paid) check for the
cookie - if it's there then activate the account. If not then delete the 
account after 5 days (gives them plenty of time to bitch if they didn't click

Make sure to put a LARGE notice on your signup form explaining exactly how to
activate their account.

Hope this helps - it's worked great for me in the past.


On Fri, Nov 16, 2001 at 06:02:38PM -0500, Vincent Stoessel wrote:
> I am helping a client make a transition from a ad revenue based site
> to a membership based one and I was wondering if there was some commonly
> used mechanism for php based membership sites. I have made
> membership sites before but they were free. How does one :
> 1. Have a person register a username
> 2. pay for membership ( paypay, payflow)
> 3. Verify that membership is payed for
> 4. Allow user to log in and browse member only content.
> umber 1 and 4 I know how to do but I'm not sure if my list is in
> the correct order. Should they pay for membership, then select a username?
> Has someone done this before?
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