I've been asked by a few to explain further what I'd like to do.

I'd like to accomplish the entire 183-page site with 2 pages: the 
home page and a catalog template.

The home page, which features an item-of-the-day from the catalog 
and past 3 featured items, would choose a random item from the 
database once each day. The past 3 featured items would be 
updated accordingly. Following any of the 20 links to various 
sections of the catalog would return page 1 of x pages of that 
section of the catalog. Each catalog page would display a maximum 
of 9 items with Next and Back buttons when needed. The basic 
layout of the catalog template is a 3x3 table.

Additional questions:

3. I'd rather not spend the time developing an administrative 
interface for managing the content of the catalog right now. How 
difficult will it be for me, a typical customer of a typical web 
hosting service, to manage the content by other means? Can the 
database reside within my html docs dir, where I can access it? 
If so, can I download, modify, and upload it as needed?

4. Am I likely to find anyone here that might be interested in 
taking this on in exchange for a brand-new color Casio 
Wrist-Camera? Anyone interested in seeing (sent privately) some 
pictures I took with the older black & white model? It's so cool.


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I have a site which consists of a few hundred catalog pages. The 
items in the catalog are pictured 9 to a page with accompanying 
descriptions. The homepage features an item-of-the-day, as well 
as the past 3 featured items. The entire site is static and 
regularly updated manually by me. I don't believe it'll take much 
to fully automate the site, which is what I plan to do, or have 
done, over the next week or so. Now for my questions:

1. The dynamically-generated pages must remain indexable by 
search engines. That is, indexing robots must be able to crawl 
the entire site by following the various links to all of the 
catalog pages. Do the strings that are passed through the URL 
appear to search engines as dynamic, and therefore get ignored?

2. It's important that the site remain easily portable from one 
host to another. I have no plans to move it, but it would be nice 
to know that it would be a simple matter of plunking it down 
somewhere else if I needed to. Is there any advantage to using a 
flat file over mysql in terms of portability? How significantly 
would performance be affected, considering that it's not likely 
there will ever be more than 1000 catalog items (rows)?

I'd be interested in hearing how you'd put this together.


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