Feroze Md. Arif wrote:
> Hi,
> First of all, my apologies if this question has been asked earlier.  I am in
> a hurry and I haven't checked the archives (Actually, I am in the process of
> doing it but am trying to cover all the bases).
> I know that PHP has functions which will allow Users to be authenticated off
> a NIS Server or a LDAP server.  Will it be possible to do something similar
> in PHP with the User IDs and Passwords stored in a NT or Windows 2000
> server?  I would appreciate it very much if anyone could point me to
> resources that could help me or share some sample scripts :) :)
> Thanks in Advance,
> Feroze
> ===================
> Jar Jar Binks will be Jedi!

I'm no expert but I think this depends on your web server.  I know for sure that IIS 
can do http
authenticates against NT/Windows 2000 accounts and although I know Microsoft used to 
make it
difficult for third-party web servers in the old days, I would have thought it was 

As far as Php is considered, the user/password show up in $PHP_AUTH_USER, $PHP_AUTH_PW 
or something
similar.  To force an authentication you send an http Authentication header e.g. 

Bottom line: Check with your web server news group/user list.

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