Brian Clark wrote:

> way you'd configure a cgi-bin for perl-cgi scripts, but I don't know
> if running php as an apache module AND as a cgi is going to fly.

PHP as both CGI and Module on the same box works just fine.

In fact, using multiple mime types and file extensions, you can have as 
many different versions and compilation options of PHP as a CGI as you like.

I did this once to track down a bug that was version-dependent.

Had PHP 3.0.4, PHP 3.0.5, PHP 3.0.6, PHP 3.0.7 etc all running using 
.php304 .php305 .php306, .php307 etc as the filenames and a different 
AddType mime-type and Action for each.

If *I* can get this to work, anybody can :-)

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