On waht systems does encrypt() work on.In my Mysql client my query results
are null,so i dont have encrypt on my system!

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On Fri, 23 Nov 2001 16:17, De Necker Henri wrote:
> I have the following query
>       $query = "INSERT INTO acl ( username, password )
>                  VALUES ( 'henri', ENCRYPT('diesel','henri') )";
> This is the error i get :
>       Column 'password' cannot be null
> What is wrong with my query?

Mysql docs say:

Encrypt str using the Unix crypt() system call. The salt argument should
be a string with two characters. (As of MySQL Version 3.22.16, salt may be
longer than two characters.):
mysql> select ENCRYPT("hello");

If crypt() is not available on your system, ENCRYPT() always returns NULL.

ENCRYPT() ignores all but the  rst 8 characters of str, at least on some 

This will be determined by the behavior of the underlying crypt() system 

It may be that you don't have crypt on your system; also, you might want 
single quotes around the ENCRYPT and double quotes to delimit the string 
and salt, thus:

VALUES ( 'henri', 'ENCRYPT("diesel","henri")' )";

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