At 09:22 AM 11/25/2001 -0400, Miles Thompson wrote:
>I've followed this with interest, but unless you specifically need some 
>properties of PHP to do this, use an easier tool.
>Python has modules for both MySQL and PHP. They are easily invoked and 
>don't involve calling Lynx & feeding it the script.
>Here's some code, you might want to think about it as an alternative. I 
>hope the indents preserve, as Python reliese on indentation and a <CR> 
>ends it's line.

Thanks for the code!  The easiest way for me personally to learn a new 
language is to think of a task that needs to be done then look at some 
sample code.  I'm not quite ready to learn Python (yet) but I'm saving this 
into the archive for when I'm ready. :)

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