As I have only ever worked on a Windows platform, installing PHP & MySQL on
a RAQ3 is completely alien to me. I attempted to install the binaries by
following instructions I dug up somewhere, and it all went badly wrong :o(

I have since had the RAQ reset so I could start again. This time round I
installed the RaQ3-RaQ4-MySQL-3.23.37-1.pkg from cobalt, this went on OK,
but now I need to install PHP. As there is no .pkg for the RAQ3, I have been
advised that I do need to install the binaries for PHP 4. Do I need to give
a path for the --with mysql option, and if so where does the .pkg install
MySQL? Any idiot proof step by step instructions will be greatly
appreciated, along with which is the best/most stable version of PHP 4?, and
where is best to install it?

Thanks in advance,


Phil Ewington
Cold Fusion Developer
T: 01344 643138

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