Hank Marquardt wrote:

> if you do have extraneous ':'s
> elsewhere in the message then you'll need to be a little more picky with
> your regex stuff to only pick out what you want -- for example, your
> post has a couple of sentences that end with ':' before an example ...
> the script as written picks those up as key value pairs, but since
> you'll unlikely have those in your order messages I figure you're on
> safe ground for now --

    Actually, some of those will end up being "blank", for example the 'BILL TO:' line 
is always blank, I may not have all 3 lines of 'Address:' filled, etc., etc.  And 
there may be more lines that might end up blank when someone places an order.  And as 
you pointed out, some lines might have :'s elsewhere in it.  The 'Today's Date:' line 
is one of those.  And nothing is going to stop anyone from doing something like 'From: 
Santa, To: Rudolph' in the 'Gift Message:' field.  So I suppose I need to look out for 
those, I just don't know who just yet.  (and considering how much I *suck* at regexp 
matching, that's going to be rather tricky for me)

> Of course the really easy way to do this is just to process the form
> output directly then you have your key/values nice and neat in
> $HTTP_POST_VARS already:) ... but I'm assuming this is on and processed
> by a separate server, or with a canned script that only gens emails, so
> this is what you need to do.

    I don't have control over that process.  I only receive the email once an order is 
placed.  The company that does the ordering and all of that good stuff has their own 
internal DB that they maintain.  A DB I don't have access to, so I'm stuck with having 
to re-invent the wheel.

    Either way, thank you very much for your code.  It is a great start for what I 
need done.  Thanks!


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