Hank Marquardt wrote:

> Actually you're OK here (I think ...) if a few of them end up blank,
> that's OK, just ignore them, you'll know the ones you want based on the
> real email you receive ... as for the folks putting To: someone, From:
> someone ... I wrote the regex to accomodate that ... it takes anything
> up to the first ':' and claims that as the variable name, then discards
> the ':' after and finally grabs the rest of the line (.*) as the
> remainder ... that can include ':' without problem ... in fact if you
> look at your example, it handles the first 'timestamp' field just fine:)

    Yeap, I noticed that as soon as I ran the first (full) email through it.  And of 
course, there're some problems.  The incoming email has two "sections" in it which 
will contain the same variables.  What I posted only contained a 'BILL TO:' section.  
The full email also contains a 'SHIP TO:' section.  But because the script creates 
variables based on the fields in the email, it overwrites the first section:

  Business Name:
  Contact Name:     PhotoCraft
  Day Number:       303.442.6410
  Evening Number:
  Fax Number:
  Address:          3550 Arapahoe Ave
  Address:          Suite 6
  City:             Boulder
  State/Province:   CO
  Zip/Postal Code:  80303
  Country:          USA

  Business Name:
  Contact Name:     Ashley M. Kirchner
  Day Number:       800 555-1212
  Evening Number:   303 555-1212
  Fax Number:
  Address:          3550 Arapahoe Ave #6
  City:             Boulder
  State/Province:   CO
  Zip/Postal Code:  80303
  Country:          USA

    This is part of why I asked whether it was possible to use my own variable naming, 
so I could end up with one of:

    $ShipToContact        $BillToContact
    $ShipToDayPhone       $BillToDayPhone
    $ShipToEvePhone       $BillToEvePhone


    $ShipTo['contact']    $BillTo['contact']
    $ShipTo['DayPhone']   $BillTo['dayphone']
    $ShipTo['EvePhone']   $BillTo['evephone']

    And then there's still the order items themselves.  Right now, the script is 
cutting the lines because of the : matching.  So, a line like this (wrapping alert):

ORDER NO.  QTY  UNIT   DESCRIPTION                                                     
     4x6     1  4"x6"  Standard Print (full-frame from 35mm) Image:Uploaded Image 1    
.75    $0.75

    ...will end up:

    $key: 4x614x6StandardPrint(full-framefrom35mm)Image
    $val: 'Uploaded Image 1     .75     $0.75'

Item: 0
Itemnum -> 4x6
Quantity -> 1

    Not quite what it should be.  I think I'm going to limit where it should do the 
$key -> $value matching, and figure something else out for the rest of the message.

> the
> whole thing would be a lot easier in the last one if they actually tab
> delimit the fields, then a simple split() call would handle it nicely
> but what you posted was spaces.

    Yeah, the original incoming email is a mess really.  No tab delimited anything, 
and some of the fields have extraneous spaces after each value, some just have a row 
of spaces (if the value's blank), some 80 characters long.

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