This is more of a MySQL question than a PHP question, but...

The TIMESTAMP format in MySQL isn't a read-only field -- you can update the 
data with your own timestamp information just like you can any other normal 
database field.  So, simply create a timestamp using PHP and insert that into 
the field in MySQL.


On Monday 26 November 2001 07:27 pm, cosmin laslau wrote:
> I'm using timestamps (God bless the little things) to keep track of
> database updates, so to give users the latest updates by the second. Kinda
> neat. But anyway, the timestamps are in one table, and when something is
> that table is changed, it automatically updates.
> However, I have another table which I want to affect the timestamps. Is
> there a command for 'manually' updating a timestamp rather than by SQL's
> own logic?

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