On Tue, 27 Nov 2001 13:57, cosmin laslau wrote:
> I'm using timestamps (God bless the little things) to keep track of
> database updates, so to give users the latest updates by the second.
> Kinda neat. But anyway, the timestamps are in one table, and when
> something is that table is changed, it automatically updates.
> However, I have another table which I want to affect the timestamps. Is
> there a command for 'manually' updating a timestamp rather than by
> SQL's own logic?
> Thanks in advance.
> Cosmin Laslau

The Mysql docs say:

Automatic updating of the  rst TIMESTAMP column occurs under any of the 
following conditions:

  The column is not specified explicitly in an INSERT or LOAD DATA INFILE 
  The column is not specified explicitly in an UPDATE statement and some 
other column changes value. (Note that an UPDATE that sets a column to 
the value it already has will not cause the TIMESTAMP column to be 
updated, because if you set a column to its current value, MySQL ignores 
the update for efficiency.)
  You explicitly set the TIMESTAMP column to NULL. TIMESTAMP columns 
other than the first may also be set to the current date and time. Just
set the column to NULL or to NOW().
You can set any TIMESTAMP column to a value different than the current 
date and time by setting it explicitly to the desired value. This is true 
even for the  rst TIMESTAMP column.
You can use this property if, for example, you want a TIMESTAMP to be set 
to the current date and time when you create a row, but not to be changed 
whenever the row is updated later:
  Let MySQL set the column when the row is created. This will initialize 
it to the current date and time.
  When you perform subsequent updates to other columns in the row, set 
the TIMESTAMP column explicitly to its current value.
On the other hand, you may find it just as easy to use a DATETIME column 
that you initialize to NOW() when the row is created and leave alone for 
subsequent updates.
TIMESTAMP values may range from the beginning of 1970 to sometime in the 
year 2037, with a resolution of one second. Values are displayed as 

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