On Monday 26 November 2001 23:37, Christopher William Wesley wrote:
> On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, Greg Sidelinger wrote:
> > Can someone tell me how to store a class in a session var.   I
> > want to
> There are several things you need to do.
> 1) include the class definition before you do anything
> 2) start the session shortly thereafter
> 3) register a session variable
> 4) create your object

> 5) serialize your object
> 6) store the serialized object (now a string) in your registered
> session variable
Doesn't php take care of the last 2 already?
As I know you don't have to serialize manually, php will do it, you 
just have to make sure that the class's definition is loaded before 
session_start is used.


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