I have an application wich I maintained on my servers (PHP, Apache, MySQL).
I have a client that is already using the application trought a secure link
directly from his web site.
But he would like to have my application update a database directly on his
server (Oracle) in order
to protect the statistical data collected trought the application, wich is a

I see no problem to open a connection to update his Oracle database on his
server. I use phplib
so it would not be a major modification. But some questions remains:

- Opening a connection directly to his oracle database is not really more
secure in any way. (If I get hacked, he get's hacked...)
- It seems to me a false security since the data are manipulated by the PHP
engine on my server anyway...
- Creating a database (in order to replicate mine) would tell him a lot
about how I do my stuff... (but I do not really care tho)

My solution was to provide all statistical data to him with a secure (SSL)
link and give him everything
in XML so he could update his database just the way he want's it.

What do you think? What sould I tell him? I really need advice since this is
a field unknown to me...


p.s. I do not really know where to post a question like this one wich is not
really related to PHP directly... Sorry...

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