I don't get what you are trying to do.  Does test.php contain JavaScript 
that you are trying to execute?  If so, then test.php should be called 
test.js, and should look something like this:

function (blah) {
         var foo = blah;

If test.php is a PHP document that you're trying to execute, then your main 
document should look like this:


...and it should be called something like myDocument.php.

The problem is that PHP is a server-side language and you're trying to 
force it to execute like a browser-side language.  It won't work.


IE is far too forgiving of the inclusion of bad code, which is why I never 
recommend that it be used for testing purposes -- in my experience, 
developers who develop for IE or who test on IE universally create bad 
code, because IE just lets it happen.  Use Netscape for testing your pages; 
if it works in Netscape, it will work in IE and Opera and Mozilla, etc.  If 
it works in IE, it may or may not work in other browsers.


At 03:36 AM 11/27/2001, Bas Jobsen wrote:
>i have test.php:
>echo "test";
>to call this in the html, i use
><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript" SRC="test.php"></script>
>this works fine for IE, but is there an alternative for Netscape to do this?
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