So, is this a system that's being moved from workstations, a desktop 
interface, to a web-based interface?

Do you want a web interface to select printers?

Do you want tight formatting control over the report? There are big 
differences between a 20 pg mfg report, a bill of lading with bar code, and 
label for lab analysis. We're spoiled by all the top quality report 
generators out there, which work on the desktop.

Or, using the  lab analysis example, would it work like this:

User brings up the page
Fills in the form
Presses "Submit" and the request gets written to the database.
Confirmation comes back, displaying the submitted information with:
  1. list of available printers
  2. field for # of copies
  3. Submit button.

Here's the guess ...

Click on submit, and the script makes an exec() calling the appropriate 
function in the application to print the report on a given printer with the 
selected set of parameters. Or bypasses the application altogether to have 
the report writer do the same thing.

What about checking MSFT's BizTalk stuff? There may be some XML stuff there 
which does that?

Regards - Miles Thompson

At 06:04 AM 11/27/2001 -0800, Dan Koken wrote:
>There are so many reports.
>The system I have is a manufacturing system, and currently contains some 
>400 programs.
>Some examples of reports are:
>  Bill of Lading with bar codes
>  Production reports
>  Management and analysis
>  Labels for lab analysis with bar codes
>  Planning reports
>  Quality assurance
>  Preventative maintenance work orders
>  Warehouse Planning
>  Billing
>  And others
>Some of these are reports long, but I guess most are less than 20 pages.
>Most of the sites that use the system are small and usually have from 200 
>to 500 terminals and have systems that manage multiple printers. So they 
>would like to direct the printed output.
>Like just about everyone, I'd like them to use more interactive stuff on 
>the system. But users want their reports...
>Thanks again for the help.
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