Well I guess it's like most applications. Every print job has it's own 
special requirements.

For example the lab analysis report. When the manufacturing process 
starts on a liquid process, they request certain samples. Samples 
consist of lab analysis they should take and how often they should take 
a sample. Most samples consist of about 10 to 12 analysis and are 
usually taken every 20 minutes to 1/2 hr. A process may last a couple 
days. So if they take a sample every 1/2 hour for 2 days that's 96 
samples at 10 analysis each or around 1000 lab analysis. So the system 
will print 96 labels with 10 bar coded analysis on it. The labels are 
sent to the operations area. As they take a sample they affix a label to 
the bottle and send it to the lab. The lab does the analysis, enters the 
result and wands the proper analysis bar code on the bottle. The bottle 
then goes to the next lab analysis area. Most lab work is automated and 
a dry lab such as gas chromatography and automatic absorption units. The 
bottle enters a conveyor, the analysis is done and the bar code scanned 
as it passes the scan area. The data is then sent automatically with the 
bar code information to the system. Since the bar code scanner can't 
know exactly what bar code to read a bar code to the bar code is also on 
the sample.

This report is not as complicated as most, but it may help give you some 
idea of what is needed.

Some reports need fairly exact font and line control and others are just 
text files.

Thanks again for all the help..

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