Oh yeah, about the lifetime of the cookie - with no valid expiry time it is 
created as a session cookie - which is supposed to only live as long as the 
browser does.

[opening a new independent browser window does not share the session, but 
window.open() calls do, as do other 'browser created from browser with 
session' methods, if that makes any sense, <grin>]


On Saturday 29 Dec 2001 6:35 pm, Kris Wilkinson wrote:
> Just recently I've noticed an issue with setcookie. My scripts which
> normall ran :
> setcookie ("myCookie","Blah","time()+7201");
> Are killing the cookie immediately after you close the browser window, or
> access another https:// site. It appears as though the life of the cookie
> is actually not being set, and is based entirely around the life of the
> browser window which it was originally called.
> if you leave the window open, and attempt at access the cookie from another
> window, the cookie does not exist.

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