Kris Wilkinson wrote:

> Just recently I've noticed an issue with setcookie. My scripts which
> normall ran :
> setcookie ("myCookie","Blah","time()+7201");
> Are killing the cookie immediately after you close the browser window, or
> access another https:// site. It appears as though the life of the cookie
> is actually not being set, and is based entirely around the life of the
> browser window which it was originally called.
> if you leave the window open, and attempt at access the cookie from
> another window, the cookie does not exist.

1. You have to take the quotes off the time stuff, so it turns into a 
number, not a meaningless string.

2. IE is broken because MS engineers can't read the Netscape cookie spec to 
save their lives, so if you specifiy a time, you must specify a path , '/' 
as well. (*SOME* versions of IE work, some don't).

Right now, your time argument is simply turning into 0, because you are 
using a string where it should be a number, and 0 means "session cookie" 
which means it dies with the browser quitting.

The cookie *SHOULD* be there from another window of the same browser 
version -- I dunno how you messed that up.

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