Hey guys,

I cant figure out what functions and/or looping I need to use for what I
need to do. Im reading a directory and pushing all the file names in the
directory into an arrary.

I want to be able print out each element(file name) in the array into an
HTML table while limiting a certain number of elements for each row.

$image_dir = opendir("../images/bullets/");
while ($file = readdir($image_dir)) { $file_list[] = $file; };

 Now $file_list[] has some number a file names. I want print 4 file names
into a row. Each file name has to be in its on cell.

  <tr> <td>FILE 0</td> <td>FILE 1</td> <td>FILE 2</td> <td>FILE 3</td> </tr>
  <tr> <td>FILE 4</td> <td>FILE 5</td> <td>FILE 6</td> <td>FILE 7</td> </tr>

I would image I would use a for loop, but I cant figure it out.
Can somone assist me ?


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