Hi Joel,

You could do the --with-mysql=/path/to/mysql.  But you could also
do --with-mysql.  I usually just do --with-mysql and it all works prefectly.

Good luck!
Tyler Longren

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Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 7:24 PM
Subject: [PHP] Confirm mysql support option with php install

> Hi, guys. Just want to confirm when I install all the other libraries like
> and freetype and what not, and I get the php file installed and I am about
> run
> ./configure
> since mysql currently runs with asp beautifully my option would be
> --with mysql and PATH to mysql not *just*
> -- with mysql if I want php to connect to the same db's and not overwrite
> mysql data, correct?
> I ask as one raq 3 site with rpm's gave instruction on installing php with
> mysql, but showed
> -- with mysql not the path
> and I got confused as to the best way
> I thought it was said to require the *path* to mysql if it's installed and
> working pre
> php installation
> Just hoping ot confirm so I don't fudge this up, and god forbid, even
> my mysql data (I will make backups, but still)
> Thanks
> Joel

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