The difference between the two options is that using --with-mysql without a
path will use the mysql libraries which come with php.  This is probably
fine in most cases.  Using --with-mysql=/path/to/mysql will compile in the
native  mysql libraries rather than the php versions.  This is desirable if,
for instance, you have used some advanced configuration options when
installing mysql or have patched the mysql sources.


> Hi, guys. Just want to confirm when I install all the other libraries like
> and freetype and what not, and I get the php file installed and I am about
> run
> ./configure
> since mysql currently runs with asp beautifully my option would be
> --with mysql and PATH to mysql not *just*
> -- with mysql if I want php to connect to the same db's and not overwrite
> mysql data, correct?
> I ask as one raq 3 site with rpm's gave instruction on installing php with
> mysql, but showed
> -- with mysql not the path
> and I got confused as to the best way
> I thought it was said to require the *path* to mysql if it's installed and
> working pre
> php installation
> Just hoping ot confirm so I don't fudge this up, and god forbid, even
> my mysql data (I will make backups, but still)
> Thanks
> Joel

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