The manual says that parse_str does it. (btw, I didn't try it)
Look on the second sentence pasted here. 

void parse_str (string str, array [arr])

Parses str as if it were the query string passed via an URL and sets variables in the 
current scope. If the second parameter arr is present, variables are stored in this 
variable as an array elements instead. 

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Subject: [PHP] WHat has happened to parse_str in the Docs????

| I have had a good hunt around the www.php.net site and I can find no reference
| to the "parse_str" function in the docs, except as what looks like
| cached results in old searches.
| Anyway - the reason I ask is I was wondering if there was a function that
| did what parse_str did, except that it put the results of parsing the
| query string into an associative array rather than creating variables.
| I have a vague recollection of something like that....
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