Thanks, that sounds great! I have to admit that i am pretty new with this
php language.

But to get this work, I have to use a "faxprogram"? and then send the
forminput to this program? That redirect the data to a fax?
I'll see what kind of program I can get.

"Jani Mikkonen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > A customer wants a order made by a forminput sent to fax. Is it possible
> > with php? Or do I have to do it some other way?
> Hey, php is a programming language, it does what ever you want (up to
> certain restrictions ofcourse)
> But for pointers, try installing hylafax (if you run *nix that is)  and
> either, use its commandline tools or write the spooler to interact
> with hylafax server (it uses protocol that resembles ftp (infact, its ftp
> server but its own implementation)).
> Btw, it would be interesting to write php classes to access hylafax
> I promise to help out in desing and writing allthou i dont have modemline
> test anything.

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