Hi, please be more specific. Including what error you are getting, what is
the tools being used, and their versions.

  Here's a quick help for producing better questions, wich will in turn make
us answer faster and with more quality:


  PS: btw, I am far away from being a 'hacker', don't get me wrong whole
list people :-)


Julio Nobrega

Don't eat the yellow snow.

"Faeton" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Salute, PHP list :),
>   Aloha, ppl.
>   Could anybody explain 2 me what da heck is wrong with flush(). What
>   is needed for it to run as needed? :) If I'm to mistaken that should
>   be an php module for apache? And what if it's compiled together with
>   apache? I dunno what 2 do.
> ------------------------------------------------
> Ivan 'Faeton aka xetrix' Danishevsky
> ICQ(240266) [EMAIL PROTECTED] www.xemichat.com

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