Hello Julio,

Hm... I don't even know what to specify :)
The exact problem is using system("traceroute host.com"), but it
should've returned its results line by line, instead of executing the
whole command and then outputting its result.

That is done by flush(), which is executed by system() foo itself, but
i couldn't understand why i have needed result on some servers and on
others - vice versa.

JNT>   Hi, please be more specific. Including what error you are getting, what is
JNT> the tools being used, and their versions.
JNT>   Here's a quick help for producing better questions, wich will in turn make
JNT> us answer faster and with more quality:
JNT> http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
JNT>   PS: btw, I am far away from being a 'hacker', don't get me wrong whole
JNT> list people :-)

Ivan 'Faeton aka xetrix' Danishevsky
ICQ(240266) [EMAIL PROTECTED] www.xemichat.com

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