Good day,

For whatever reason, your traceroute command is returning results very
quickly.  It may be functioning normally.

Perhaps you should try a command that will take much longer to execute, such
as "du / --max-depth=1".

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Hello Darren,

You can try it yourself :
What do you think?

Server config:
RedHat 7.1, Apache 1.3.20, PHP 4.0.6 loaded as a module.

PS. I tried everything. Simply everything.

DG> I am not sure what the problem is, then.  I presume that you installed
DG> via RPMs, and have PHP operating as an Apache module.  Does the simple
DG> script provided fail as well?
DG> Have you tried some simple scripts with sleep() and flush() to see if
DG> flush() works?
DG> If you don't hear from anyone else on the list, you may want to try
DG> a bug report.

Ivan 'Faeton aka xetrix' Danishevsky

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