Good day,

Then I'm not sure.  Perhaps someone in-the-know will respond to your
question.  Else, file a bug report.  Your script runs fine on my 'puter,

Otherwise, it would be worthwhile to write something quick to test flush()
with.  If it is also not working, it will provide more evidence as to the
cause of the problem.

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Hello Darren,

It's quick because of the fact that it's tracing a host near to my
server. If you have noticed - ping from my server to
that is being traced by default is only 10ms.

Try that:
    or something like that

I waited too long... And still haven't got any results.

DG> For whatever reason, your traceroute command is returning results very
DG> quickly.  It may be functioning normally.
DG> Perhaps you should try a command that will take much longer to execute,
DG> as "du / --max-depth=1".

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