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>> It could be stated on the site, or (and) tar could be re-moved. As far as
>> I am concerned, as soon as something is placed on the web, you have no
>> control over reference to it..  And access you can regulate of c0urse:)
>Or you could remember that picking up unannounced software from _any_ site
>is generally a very bad idea ... you may get a lot more than you bargained
>for ...
As if viruses/spyware can not be inserted in announced software, as well..
even in additions to original developers bugs/eggs btw:). Of course you
have more rights to complain with announced ones, and this IS
(theoretically atleast:) important. Not exactly about this case, but I
received (not downloaded by myself:) the other day, an unsolicited e-mail
with a virus, from (and via) my ISP based address, which I am going to

In the described case though, the site for download packages is widely
known. Its not for one time release, but for subsequent versions. Besides,
warning is in most cases included _inside_ the package's license, that
no-body is responsible for damage, use it 4 your own risk, etc, etc..

Anyway, I am not encouraging dounloading to quick, but just am stating
that forbidding refference to something already placed on the WEB - is

>Mark C.
L. S. made DS:)

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