If you are new to PHP and/or MySQL then you are asking more than you think.
It is much more difficult for a newbie to "analyze" someone else's code than
it is to learn from scratch.  Do yourself a favor and read the PHP and MySQL
manual several time.  Start by writing simple scripts to enter and extract
database info and display it on the page.  In the process of learning, you
can come to this list and ask questions that you cannot find answers to in
the manuals or list archives.

It will be much less frustrating for you and those on this list if you take
this approach.  Although bulletin boards are not the most complex of
applications, they require a knowledge of many many PHP and MySQL basics.
Take the time to learn those basics before trying to swallow the whole

Good luck.


Anthony Ritter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm using Windows 98 with Apache, mysql and PHP.
> I'm in the process of learning PHP and would like to find a few tutorials
> PHP/mysql bulletin boards.
> I know that there are a few that you can download but I am trying to find
> tutorial that will let me anylaze the syntax and logic of the code so that
> can understand and breakdown the steps in how a BB program works.
> Any URL's will be helpful.
> Thanking all in advance.
> Tony Ritter

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