If you are just starting into PHP, try some something more basic. If you
have some background into another language such as PERL, then you shouldn't
have too much trouble. However, if you insist to taking on a bulletin board
script for analyzing purposes, head over to hotscripts.com where I'm sure
there is a few tutorials and many boards from the simplistic recursive
wwwthreads style boards to the vertical setup like infopop and UBB.

I've coded up BlazeBoard script last year and I must say, that majority of
the work is getting the cool features rather than developing a foundation of
the board. All a board does is input/output data from the database. So first
step to take would be developing a core registration module, then utilizing
it, authenticate the user so they can post to a forum, then build the module
to retrieve the data.

Of course there are other factors to consider on the complexity of the
board, that is if you want to consider the ability to create more than one
board for a forum or be able to categorize it. These are really features,
and doesn't represent the core system of any board.

Jonathan Chum

Flash resources

"Anthony Ritter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I'm using Windows 98 with Apache, mysql and PHP.
> I'm in the process of learning PHP and would like to find a few tutorials
> PHP/mysql bulletin boards.
> I know that there are a few that you can download but I am trying to find
> tutorial that will let me anylaze the syntax and logic of the code so that
> can understand and breakdown the steps in how a BB program works.
> Any URL's will be helpful.
> Thanking all in advance.
> Tony Ritter

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