Krzysztof Kocjan wrote:

> Fred wrote:
>> Third, it is ineffecient and unneccessary to put 60 fields in a single 
>> form.
>> If you are using the GET method it probably will not work since it passes
>> the variable names and values in the URL, which has a maximum length 
>> of 255
> In my mind maximum length 255 is not true. There isn't any limit for 
> GET/POST requests as I read in RFC documents. The limit depends on Your 
> web server implementation. I've never tested but suppose Apache could 
> handle GET method with URL longer than 255 characters. I've never had 
> problems with form's data length using Apache and GET/POST methods.
> But if I'm wrong I apologize.

This depends also on Your browser of course. AFAIK GET is OK for data up 
to 8kB, POST can be used for much bigger data

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