This might be interesting ...

The function extract() allows you to extract all values from an array 
and prefix them with a specified string. What I didn't know until 
just a second ago was that you can supply a function as a string, so 

$my_array = array("a","b","c","d",array("a","b","c","d"));

$i = 1;


print "<pre>";

print $SOMEVAL_1;
print $SOMEVAL_2;
print $SOMEVAL_3;
print $SOMEVAL_4;
print $SOMEVAL_5;

print "</pre>";

... will produce:


Which is cool. Not quite what you wanted, but maybe you could run with it.


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>Here's a question for the list:
>I have a two-dimensional array; essentially a list of arrays.  Each element
>(an array) can have any number of elements.  As a small example:
>   ( "foo" , "bar" , "red" , "apple" ),
>   ( "foo" , "bar" , "red" , "car"),
>   ( "foo" , "green" )
>I would like to traverse this array and place all of the data into another
>multidimensional array.  The following statements illustrate how I'd like to
>do this from the example:
>$myarray["foo"]["bar"]["red"]["apple"] = $some_value1;
>$myarray["foo"]["bar"]["red"]["car"]   = $some_value2;
>$myarray["foo"]["green"]               = $some_value3;
>Is there any way to easily do this in PHP?  I could "cheat" and use eval(),
>but there is probably a better way.  I have thought of using each() or
>references, but nothing has come to mind so far.
>Any ideas?  Should I just use eval() ?
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