I am working for a customer whose ISP uses WinNT/IIS. To test the server 
environment available I have just uploaded the classic test php page with
only phpinfo() inside.

When I point to that URL (http://mycustomerdomain.com/test.php), netscape 
just opens the "Save as (type application/octet stream)" window.

This means that the *server* is not set up to fire up the PHP interpreter on
files ending with .php, right?
What could the reason be? Is it possible that the fault is in the file, for 
example the CR/LF mess when moving files from Linux to Win**.
If it *is* a server problem, what should I suggest to the ISP sysadmin
(which is responsive, but knows almost exclusively IIS/ASP/VBScript)?

Please help: the customer is starting to scream, and it is really embarassing
to be stuck like this when I have a bunch of pages perfectly workiing under 
Linux just waiting inside my PC.


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