Hi again Susanne, I'm on this list too...

On Tue, Dec 04, 2001 at 11:13:51AM +0100, Susanne Benkert wrote:
> The LDAP server is already recompiled and running with ssl/tsl-support.
> PHP-4.0.6. is compiled "with-openssl". But when I try to use
> "ldap_connect('ldaps://hostname/')" like suggested in the manual, the
> script can't connect the server. Also 'ldap://...' or 'http://..' don't
> work, so it seems, that PHP doesn't support URIs in this position, but
> according to the manual it should do.
> What's wrong with my script or my installation?
> Thank you for your support.

This works for me. For ldap_connect("ldap://hostname";) to work, you need
OpenLDAP 2.x libs but that's all. Are you sure PHP is using that library?
If you use for instance Linux, you could try to check with "ldd binary".
Also when you configure PHP, you can try --with-ldap=ldapinstalldirectory
and not just --with-ldap. When this is working, you can start thinking of

For ldap_connect("ldaps://hostname") to work, you need to compile the
OpenLDAP 2.x libs with SSL/TLS, and also configure PHP with --with-openssl.


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