Not quite as simple as that. I can run the db application without any
problem, but the db files tend to fall over occasionally. I have a script
which cxhecks every 5 mins and boots them up if they are down. I'm looking
for a way to get them up if the db search detects that they are down. I can
do the detection bit, it's the getting the db file up and running bit I
can't do.


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> >
> > Basically I want to be able to test that the db is running and if it
> > then I want to 'run' it. Platform is NT, server is IIS4
> >
> It's a database, right? So surely it should be running as an NT service,
> which case it should be set to start automatically when the computer
> Your best bet to test for the existence is to try and connect to it with a
> known good username and password - if that fails, it's likely that the
> service isn't running.
> If it's not running automatically and all the time, then you don't have a
> database server, you have a computer that happens to have database
> installed on it, in which case you should change your ISP. You can't use
> key inside the locked box to unlock the box.
> Cheers
> Jon
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