My approach has been to pass an "error code" back to the original form.

         print("<form aciton=\"formVerify.php\">");
         print("a buncha form crap");
         if ($errcode==1) print ("Your user id is wrong. You suck");
         if ($errcode==2) print ("Your password is wrong. You really suck");

Then in formVerify.php:

         ...error checking code...
         if (userID invalid)
                 header("Location: form.php?errcode=1");
         if (password invalid)
                 header("Location: form.php?errcode=2");
                 header("Location: goodpage.php");

You could probably also use cookies to pass the error code back and forth, 
but that's probably overkill and unreliable.

(Sorry if the pseudo-code I used above offends anyone with the use of the 
word "suck"; the futile job search has got me really annoyed right now.)

At 10:25 AM 12/4/2001, Mark Charette wrote:
>I cheat and just include the original form on error ...
>Almost all my input values are set to PHP variables in the form. The 1st
>time through none are set, so the values are blank. After submitting the
>form, I check for validity. If there are errors I mark the errors, generate
>an error string, and include the form. That way all previously typed in data
>remains in the form without me having to tell the user to hit the "back"
>button, and there's no horribly long URL string resetting all those values.
>There's a bit more work than that (using htmlspecialchars et al.) but if you
>start creating forms with error checking & indication in mind it's really
>easy to do validation and redisplay if necessary.
>Mark C.
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > I wonder if someone could tell me whether or not the following is
> > > possible?
> > >
> > > I have an HTML form which passes a username and password to a PHP script
> > > for validation. If either is not valid, I would like it to return to the
> > > previous page - carrying with it a variable plus the submitted form
> > > information...
> > >
> > > =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> > > if (strlen ($password1) <4 ) {
> > >    $err = "Password must be more than 4 characters long";
> > >    header("Location:http://somelocation.php";);
> > >    // ^-- at the location, the $err and form variables will be available
> > >
> > >    exit;
> > > }
> >
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