Unless you have an unstated purpose for serializing/unserializing, 
it's not necessary because PHP automatically serializes and 
unserializes your session variables.

Can you see the correct values if you insert the phpinfo() command?

If you can that should give you a clue as to how to reference them, 
if you can't then you aren't setting them correctly.

>I am trying to set some sessions variables in an https (SSL):
>$row = $results[0];
>the to go to another php script in where I want to call my vars i use:
><a href='".SECURE."delivery.php?sid=".$PHPSESSID."'>Please continue</a>
>in the delivery.php I want to call the session vars:
>echo "Session ID:.... " .$PHPSESSID .NL;
>echo "ID..." .$myses["id"] . NL;
>echo "username..." .$myses["username"] . NL;
>I receive blanks ... although the session is set in the /temp directory. It
>has a value in it but I don't have permission to read the value of my sess.
>By the way... I use php4.06
>Please help
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