On Wed,  5 Dec 2001 15:54, René Fournier wrote:
> The migration continues...
> Now I have to get my mysql database running under MySQL 3.23.46 on OSX
> 10.1.1. I've dumped the structure and contents of the database (on
> Windows) into a text file, and now I'd like to recreate it in the new
> enivronment. I think I can use the mysql admin tools via command line
> (but really, what is the syntax for piping a 'dumped' database into a
> new database? "mysqladmin create database < dumpeddb.sql"??), but one
> question about users...

Two steps involved - create the database, then dump the data into it. 

mysqladmin create database
mysql database < dumpeddb.sql

ObNitpick - that is a redirect, not a pipe.

> I have to create a MySQL for my PHP scripts. How do I do this in Mac
> OSX? There are a bunch of command line tools, but I'm not sure which
> one[s] to use.

I don't understand?

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