Did you read my post?  I did all of that *before* I posted my question.

Anyone else have a suggestion?



On Wed, 05 Dec 2001 05:16:38 -0500, Mirek Novak wrote:

> fred wrote:
>> After all of this, and you give me the wrong answer.  If you read the
>> PHP manual, you will see that set_time_limit falls defaults to
>> max_execution_time, which I already have set to 2400, so your answer is
>> irrelevant.  That is not controlling HTTP_KEEP_ALIVE, which is
>> defaulting to 300 seconds somewhere - probably httpd.conf.
>> Now who is lazy?
> it was ONE question to google.com:  +"large file uploads" +php results
> in
> http://www.phpbuilder.com/forum/read.php3?num=2&id=137901&loc=0&thread=118340
> -X-

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