On Thu,  6 Dec 2001 08:32, Javier Muniz wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having trouble determining what's going wrong with a MySQL query
> that I'm doing from PHP.  Now before you go blaming MySQL read on :)
> I have a table with the following columns:
> id (int)
> name (varchar 20)
> starttime (int)
> duration (int)
> now, i have a row that has a starttime of 60, when i attempt to do the
> following update with PHP, it sets it to 0:
> "UPDATE mytable SET starttime=starttime-30 WHERE name = 'myname'"
> but when I run it from the MySQL command line, copy/pasted from the
> code, it sets the value of starttime to 30 as expected.
> Anyone have any clue why this is?

mysql_error() is a good debugging tool; it will return an error string 
that may be useful.

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