Unfortunately, mysql returns no error string.  MySQL doesn't appear to think
an error, as it does apply changes to the row I'm trying to change, it
simple isn't
applying the CORRECT change to said row :)


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On Thu,  6 Dec 2001 08:32, Javier Muniz wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having trouble determining what's going wrong with a MySQL query
> that I'm doing from PHP.  Now before you go blaming MySQL read on :)
> I have a table with the following columns:
> id (int)
> name (varchar 20)
> starttime (int)
> duration (int)
> now, i have a row that has a starttime of 60, when i attempt to do the
> following update with PHP, it sets it to 0:
> "UPDATE mytable SET starttime=starttime-30 WHERE name = 'myname'"
> but when I run it from the MySQL command line, copy/pasted from the
> code, it sets the value of starttime to 30 as expected.
> Anyone have any clue why this is?

mysql_error() is a good debugging tool; it will return an error string 
that may be useful.

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